Monday, December 31, 2012

Car Wash in Bergenfield, NJ

Now that the winter season is beginning to reveal itself with colder temperatures and even some snowfall, the road conditions are becoming more dangerous for cars.  In order to combat the ice and snow, municipalities are frequently laying down road salt.  While this is necessary for safety reasons, the salt can wreak havoc on your car if not often washed.  Going to a car wash in Bergenfield, NJ is a good way to avoid permanent damage to your vehicle in the colder months.

The biggest threat road salt poses to your car is that it promotes rust.  As it sits on the paint, it can attract more moisture than normal.  This moisture will eventually lead to oxidation of your car’s body and then you are left with a rusty hood.  It is much easier to stay vigilant and visit our Bergenfield car wash to wash the salt off than it is to try and fix the damage of rust that has had time to establish itself.  Paying for frequent car washes will still cost less.

The other benefit of frequent cleaning is that your car will just look nicer.  This is especially true for those drivers with darker color vehicles.  Although driving with the white salt all over your doors may be the norm this time of year, you can stand out.  More people will see what you drive than where you live; take pride in that.

You spend too much time and money on your car as it is, between regular maintenance and filling up the gas tank.  Going to our Bergenfield car wash will help you avoid unnecessary expense and keep your vehicle looking great.  For more information about Clinton Car Wash and the services we offer, call us at 201-385-8111.

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